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The Artzoom studio focuses on the use of modern technologies for the purpose of documentation, presentation
and protection of artifacts. The method of 3D digitalization has an increasing influence on protecting
our cultural heritage, as well as a new way of teaching. We attempt to use this to create a new
method of communication and enable access to education.

A professional 3D scanner was used for the digitalization of the sculptural work of Franta Uprka (1868 – 1929) in the Joža Uprka Gallery in Uherské Hradiště. This enabled obtaining not only an identical virtual copy of the original for the purposes of archiving and sustaining our cultural heritage (ethnographic sculptural work of South Moravian folklore), but also for future inclusion of historic works in catalogues and databases for the purpose of sharing. Both the general public and professionals will be able to learn about the works of world artists and study their works more effectively and in much greater scope than ever before. 3D scanning of museum collections and historically valuable objects in public spaces creates a new type of approach to the study of sculptural and architectural works, as well as a new method of presentation, storage and improved heritage protection of these historically valuable objects.

Artzoom 19/9/2013 Tags: 3D scanning, object analysis, editing, visualization, 3D animation