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The Artzoom studio focuses on the use of modern technologies for the purpose of documentation, presentation
and protection of artifacts. The method of 3D digitalization has an increasing influence on protecting
our cultural heritage, as well as a new way of teaching. We attempt to use this to create a new
method of communication and enable access to education.

About Us:

The Artzoom studio is composed of an team of specialists providing services within the area of 3D digitalization. We focus on original solutions of artwork presentations, and their archiving in the form of virtual data. The goal of our work is to show the role new technologies can play in protection of monuments and artifacts, therefore ensuring the protection of our cultural heritage.


We offer solutions for Cultural institutions to provide their educational content to the wider public. We help with the implementation of cultural information systems into the real world. Our strengths are our developed skills in the process of transformation of the real object into a virtual form and its subsequent digital presentation. We are specialised in software technologies for the field of education. We create cultural information systems. We can design an educational experience around three main objectives: discover 3D content, interact, and learn.