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The Artzoom studio focuses on the use of modern technologies for the purpose of documentation, presentation
and protection of artifacts. The method of 3D digitalization has an increasing influence on protecting
our cultural heritage, as well as a new way of teaching. We attempt to use this to create a new
method of communication and enable access to education.

Our proposal for IK prize 2015. We propose digitally scanning sculptures from Tate’s collection and creating full size replicas using 3D printing technology. These replica artworks would be movable like never before, and would be situated in unusual public locations not normally used for displaying aesthetic objects, offering a new way to encounter works of art. A mobile app providing audio and text commentary, and 3D visualisations, to explain the evolution of sculpture in the twentieth century, would accompany the project. The proposal also includes an outdoor haptic exposition primarily intended for the visually impaired people.

You can read full proposal here:


Artzoom 27/11/2014Tags: 3D scanning, 3D printing, visualization, 3D viewer, mobile app